A beginning tip on fitness motivation

Nothing taste as good as Healthy feels!

I’ve been pretty rebellious with my salud lately. Let’s say more like for the past two years; I binged on yummy a** food like no one’s business. I was indulging in the best pizza in NYC, gourmet hot dogs from Crif dogs, ufff to die for, I could not be more serious about these dogs haha. Gourmet Jamaican ice cream con’ a touch of Henny, yea you read right! Hennessy in handmade ice cream in Mount Vernon! I mean I can legit right a list and recommend the best places to curve that piggy craving. But I’m a changed woman now. You see, I don’t fool around with them thangs’ anymore. Well, not for a while at least. I gained 30 whole libras binging on “por queria” en ingles please, lol, “ CRAP.” I had to find a way to get motivated to be healthy again. So I figured out a little secret that helped me back to the wellness journey. I finally found my strength and made my way to the gym, LA fitness, Te amo. Firstly, this place is like a fitness palace, if you haven’t been, then you absolutely must. They provide Great customer service, so many machines to chose from, basketball gym, jacuzzi, a smoothie bar preventing you from making poor choices upon leaving the gum, hungry, and lastly, most importantly, very clean. The locker room is not merely a locker room pero a place where you can relax without feeling gross. I’ve been a member for about 18 months now, yet barely went, but let me tell you, I got the strength to get my sexy back!

The next phase of this kick starter is to get moving, and this is the hard part. It’s challenging to light that fuego in you and get up, forever feeling as heavy as a ton of bricks; and the thought about moving around like Lebron James already made you tired, and you haven’t even packed your gym bag. However, don’t let that discourage you! Detoxing my cravings decreased my bloating and got rid of that heavy feeling that hindered me from getting up and movin’. I dragged my booty into a spin class to get that boost of life I was missing. It was, without doubt, torturous the first 20 mins, but I fought the urge to give up and said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Repeated that mantra until I began feeling the rush and excitement. It was around minute 30 that I began getting pumped! It felt incredible. Shout out to my amigas for that mantra!

To sum this all up, for any of you struggling with how to begin your wellness journey I highly suggest beginning by detoxing your cravings first. Once you’ve reached the point where you feel your bloating has downsized, or you begin to feel “lighter,” move on to your next step and take 1 fun class at your local gym or recreation center. I would suggest choosing something fun like; spin, Zumba, kickboxing, swimming, dance classes, and my fave hiking if the weather permits.

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Best friend, Flix, and chill… 80’s classic


healthy snack movie popcorn
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Your best friend is over for some BFF flix, chill, and sip. You decide on a classic movie that makes you want to rip your balling eyes out. I mean you haven’t had a good cry over a film in a long time, and it’s time to check out a sappy movie that does precisely that. If you want that perfect reel to connect with your bestie, then you must check out, if you haven’t already, Beaches, the 1989 film starring the unquestionably talented Bette Middler and co-starring the beautiful Barbara Hershey. This film is a brilliant tale of two best friends. How they meet, how they stay in contact, and what they’re like at a mature 30 something.

A classic storyline of a child entertainer meets an inquisitive, classy girl, who both understand the value of genuine connection without barriers. It begins with a young 11-year-old CC, who is played by Mayim Bialik, also known as Big bang theory’s Amy; meets 11-year old Hilary Whitney, played by Marcie Leeds, who meet on the Atlantic City beach boardwalk. They immediately hit it off and spend the first-day encountering obstacles they each have to face. CC Bloom, is an aspiring actress and singer, and an only child who comes from a struggling, single mom home in New Jersey. Hilary Whitney, daughter of a prestigious attorney in San Fransisco, came from a wealthy, upper-class family. How they maintain a friendship for many years regardless of their financial background is the charm of this film.

If youre in the mood to watch a warm, heart felt film, ignite a bonding moment, with an 80’s vibe; Beaches is  a wonderful choice. It’s not a musical but has many moments of CC Bloom’s music career which is a delightful precedence of the film. I’d make sure the house is quiet, and there is no distraction during the movie because you’d want to catch every moment as the movie can go back in time for reference. Beaches extraordinarily captures your heart, especially if you adore your friends and appreciate the true meaning of friendship.

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Happy National Baked Scallops Day!


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Yes, indulge in a yummy Baked dish of scallops today because it’s time to celebrate! Wonder why we’re observing the freshest most delicate seafood on the market?  No one knows the history behind the celebration, of this soft, sweet, sea creature. But hey who doesn’t love a well-cooked scallop so eat up!

What are scallops? They are saltwater seafood in the cosmopolitan family of the bivalves member of the  Animal kingdom; you know like mammals are to whales. Funny how we love to devour in all sorts of animals no matter where they lie on the taxonomy, “tee hee.”

Did you know scallops are pretty healthy?  For starters, they are super low in fat with only a total of 0.5g per serving. And one serving is 4-5 large scallops according to seafoodhealthfacts.org. There’s your green light, that’s right, go ahead eat as much as you want. Don’t feel bad, especially for all of you watching your fat intake. Also, scallops have 35mg per serving of your dietary cholesterol which is cool if you’d fancy an extra helping. Healthy.gov says you should have no more than 300mg of dietary cholesterol. Yes! Another dish; your arteries will thank you.

All in all, I think it would be a great idea to pick out your favorite baked scallop recipe and throw down your best version of this delicacy; or going to your favorite restaurant and checking its version. I had the pleasure of getting a quote from Mimi Munoz, an up and coming chef straight out of the concrete jungle, NYC Washington heights. She stated, ” Scallops have a lot of health benefits, they provide a great source of vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Antioxidants. My fave dish has to be scallop Carpaccio! Scallop carpaccio is very thin sliced raw scallop ceviche. It usually comes in a citrus dressing with raw veggies or fruits, it’s a wonderfully refreshing dish that tantalizes your palate from the sweetness of the scallop to the tart of the citrus; they compliment each other very well. My favorite scallops dish was at a restaurant called “ Soothsayer, “ sadly, they closed down in 2017. They had a scallop carpaccio to die for! I want to suggest a simple scallop recipe, panic friend scallops ( https://theheritagecook.com/parmesan-and-panko-crusted-scallops-fettuccine-for-festive-friday/). A light glass of white wine, preferably Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay, is my top choice, to accompany.” Mimi Munoz, age 21.

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Happy National Baked Scallop Day!

Hair oils can equal hair loss

Could hair oils be the reason your hair is falling?

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One moment you’re inspired to start a healthy hair journey, you come across all of these informational videos proving how amazing oils are for your hair. You go to the local drugstore and spend tons of money (yes I am indeed very guilty of being a product junkie) on amazing, great smelling oils. Aren’t the results usually stunning! Yes! Winning! Beautiful shiny hair! Looks super hydrated and voila’, you just became an expert on “how to oil your hair,” right? Well WRONG! Just because you are using the right oils, doesn’t mean they are being used correctly, says the Cosmetologist, Priscilla Flete, also known as the youtube natural hair guru, ImShinestruck, who totally shouted me out when she complimented my hair, and I gave all the credit to my oils I was currently using.

Shinestruck began her healthy hair journey 8 years ago when she decided to take control over her dry, damaged, over-processed, curls. Shinestruck has been familiar with the beauty industry since she was a little girl, being the protege of a salon owner, her mom. She grew up in Washington Heights, NYC, in upper Manhattan. Her parents migrated to America, from the Dominican Republic at a young tender age, married, seeking a better life for the family they were planning to create. Growing up in the Dominican culture it was the norm to always have your hair blow-dried, bone straight, in order for it to be considered “good hair” because curly hair was deemed to be “pelo malo” or unruly,  she states. After years of adding heat, dye, and chemically processing my hair, I knew something was off, she stated. I started watching my hair fall apart until I was that teen gluing hair extensions to my hair because that was the quick fix in my culture. I mean God forbid you went without relaxing or blow drying your hair, I was never going to find a man as per my grandmother would say.” “It took a lot of research, trials, errors, and now cosmetology school, to become an expert on proper hair maintenance for all hair types” she added. Shinestruck has come to the conclusion that oils are actually damaging many consumers hair.

People don’t notice the damage is coming from the oils because… well, who can genuinely believe an organic, raw ingredient can really promote hair loss. In this article we will shine a light on what oils actually do to your hair, what these oils are specific for, and how to prevent hair damage from these sought after products.

First, let’s take a close look at the real purpose of applying oils to your hair; it’s to create shine, gives it that yummy scent after a wash, the protein additive that coconut oil provides to one’s hair, and the debatable oiling your scalp before washing to seal the hair shaft.

Oils are a great product to apply to give the illusion of hydration, and/or creating that glossy look that keeps people breaking their necks to check out them beautiful locks. Yea, you know I’m talking about you, looking in the mirror like “aoooow, I’ve reached serious hydration and I’m ready to do this routine at least every other day.”,  STOP! This is where consumers have gone wrong. First, let’s take into consideration the weather. Do you live in Sunny Florida or an uber sunny location? Applying oils, then walking out into the sun means you are now literally frying your hair. Which causes hair to over dry, then break off. Only apply a very minimal pea size, per the product instuctions. A small amount goes a long way. Because it’s just for shine.

Here’s a fun fact, that most of us might know, but in case you didn’t, coconut is the only oil that can be absorbed in the hair shaft. This is because it contains the macronutrient, protein. Great right?! We are all told that protein is super crucial for a healthy head of hair. But, did you know that too much protein can actually do the complete opposite and create hair breakage and or loss. So, your over there drinking water, exercising, juicing kale and celery, being your healthiest best self. Plus you’re giving your hair “life” with the rawest, organic form of coconut paste from your local health store. 2 weeks pass and you start experiencing hair loss. What could this be?! it couldn’t be the coconut it’s organic and all natural. But unfortunately it is the coconut oil and you just over processed your hair.

How about oiling your hair before a wash you ask. We are told to massage it into our scalp to get the circulation going. The oils get absorbed into your scalp, but they aren’t. There are no hair science publishing that state the minerals of the oil gets absorbed into the scalp, the exception being coconut oil. Even though, we already told you about the downside to the protein in the coconut oil. So why are we massaging the oils on to our head before a wash? Some people say it is to seal the deal lol, or the hair shaft, before shampooing because the theory is it won’t strip your hair from the natural oils if it’s being “protected.” Meh…. ok, but as you’re sealing your hair shafts it’s also preventing from the retention of water, super essential for hair hydration. Actually, it’s the first ingredient your hair needs to achieve healthy hair. A small FYI, it takes about  3 shampoos to get oil out of your hair.

Shinestruck advises, ditching the oils! You don’t want to risk hair damage or loss. Replace your oils for deep conditioners, H2o, and protective hairstyles. Ugh, now to get rid of all these products I thought I loved haha!


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Here’s a healthy bathing tip!

Ditch the bath towel and use the blow dryer

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Sounds crazy right?! If there’s anything most of us have in common is drying off with a towel, after a shower. It was a request made by one of my Patients after a refreshing shower, I began pat drying, the patient asked if I can blow dry her body instead. I stared at her, confused, wondering, should I laugh, is this a joke. The wheels quickly began to turn. Then with a bit of research, it was concluded she was right! Blow drying your body can prevent a multitude of bacteria growth and it also saves us a few bucks.

Bacteria are found all over our body. Some of it is good, but it’s the icky bacteria that can create skin infections. Bacteria grows in dark, moist places; you know like mold. But, Did you know your towel can harbor dangerous bacteria and host the biggest microbial party? After a bath, Normally you’d hang up your towel to dry in a dark bathroom. As a result, making it the perfect place for bacteria to make love and have lots of bacterial babies, or in other words, reproduce. Consequently, reusing that towel can put you at risk for different infections.

For instance, MRSA is an infection that is caused by a bacterial strain called staph which is found on skin and surfaces including towels. When raised in the right environment it can grow into a scary bacterium That irritates the skin and create painful blisters or even cellulitis. Hence turning into MRSA. Yikes!

Ever put your clothes on while you’re body creases are damp? If so, you’re putting yourself at risk for yeast build up like jock itch, yeast infections, athletes foot, or skin irritations that develop into a severe infection. Admittedly, I didn’t believe that my skin couldn’t get thoroughly dry with a towel. It’s like one of those practices that you don’t even notice you’re doing. So I put it to the test and went an entire week blow drying my body and ditched the towel. I have to admit I paid attention to the difference and there was a significant distinction.

Overall, Towel drying doesn’t mean your body gets thoroughly dried. However, I would say you don’t have to ditch your towel entirely but rather use with caution. I would suggest pat drying with a towel and then blow dry your body, on COOL, to get that remaining moisture out. Don’t forget to pick a new spot to hang up your recently used towel. I’d even go a little further and apply some A&D ointment in my groin area for an extra added layer of skin protection.

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