Here’s a healthy bathing tip!

Ditch the bath towel and use the blow dryer

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Sounds crazy right?! If there’s anything most of us have in common is drying off with a towel, after a shower. It was a request made by one of my Patients after a refreshing shower, I began pat drying, the patient asked if I can blow dry her body instead. I stared at her, confused, wondering, should I laugh, is this a joke. The wheels quickly began to turn. Then with a bit of research, it was concluded she was right! Blow drying your body can prevent a multitude of bacteria growth and it also saves us a few bucks.

Bacteria are found all over our body. Some of it is good, but it’s the icky bacteria that can create skin infections. Bacteria grows in dark, moist places; you know like mold. But, Did you know your towel can harbor dangerous bacteria and host the biggest microbial party? After a bath, Normally you’d hang up your towel to dry in a dark bathroom. As a result, making it the perfect place for bacteria to make love and have lots of bacterial babies, or in other words, reproduce. Consequently, reusing that towel can put you at risk for different infections.

For instance, MRSA is an infection that is caused by a bacterial strain called staph which is found on skin and surfaces including towels. When raised in the right environment it can grow into a scary bacterium That irritates the skin and create painful blisters or even cellulitis. Hence turning into MRSA. Yikes!

Ever put your clothes on while you’re body creases are damp? If so, you’re putting yourself at risk for yeast build up like jock itch, yeast infections, athletes foot, or skin irritations that develop into a severe infection. Admittedly, I didn’t believe that my skin couldn’t get thoroughly dry with a towel. It’s like one of those practices that you don’t even notice you’re doing. So I put it to the test and went an entire week blow drying my body and ditched the towel. I have to admit I paid attention to the difference and there was a significant distinction.

Overall, Towel drying doesn’t mean your body gets thoroughly dried. However, I would say you don’t have to ditch your towel entirely but rather use with caution. I would suggest pat drying with a towel and then blow dry your body, on COOL, to get that remaining moisture out. Don’t forget to pick a new spot to hang up your recently used towel. I’d even go a little further and apply some A&D ointment in my groin area for an extra added layer of skin protection.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a healthy bathing tip!”

  1. Omg!!! Germs, bacteria, MRSA, my beloved ultra prima cotton towels. Because I need more anxiety in my life right now!!!! Ahhhh


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