Happy National Baked Scallops Day!


Photo by Angele J on Pexels.com

Yes, indulge in a yummy Baked dish of scallops today because it’s time to celebrate! Wonder why we’re observing the freshest most delicate seafood on the market?  No one knows the history behind the celebration, of this soft, sweet, sea creature. But hey who doesn’t love a well-cooked scallop so eat up!

What are scallops? They are saltwater seafood in the cosmopolitan family of the bivalves member of the  Animal kingdom; you know like mammals are to whales. Funny how we love to devour in all sorts of animals no matter where they lie on the taxonomy, “tee hee.”

Did you know scallops are pretty healthy?  For starters, they are super low in fat with only a total of 0.5g per serving. And one serving is 4-5 large scallops according to seafoodhealthfacts.org. There’s your green light, that’s right, go ahead eat as much as you want. Don’t feel bad, especially for all of you watching your fat intake. Also, scallops have 35mg per serving of your dietary cholesterol which is cool if you’d fancy an extra helping. Healthy.gov says you should have no more than 300mg of dietary cholesterol. Yes! Another dish; your arteries will thank you.

All in all, I think it would be a great idea to pick out your favorite baked scallop recipe and throw down your best version of this delicacy; or going to your favorite restaurant and checking its version. I had the pleasure of getting a quote from Mimi Munoz, an up and coming chef straight out of the concrete jungle, NYC Washington heights. She stated, ” Scallops have a lot of health benefits, they provide a great source of vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Antioxidants. My fave dish has to be scallop Carpaccio! Scallop carpaccio is very thin sliced raw scallop ceviche. It usually comes in a citrus dressing with raw veggies or fruits, it’s a wonderfully refreshing dish that tantalizes your palate from the sweetness of the scallop to the tart of the citrus; they compliment each other very well. My favorite scallops dish was at a restaurant called “ Soothsayer, “ sadly, they closed down in 2017. They had a scallop carpaccio to die for! I want to suggest a simple scallop recipe, panic friend scallops ( https://theheritagecook.com/parmesan-and-panko-crusted-scallops-fettuccine-for-festive-friday/). A light glass of white wine, preferably Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay, is my top choice, to accompany.” Mimi Munoz, age 21.

Check out these cool resources, picked out for this piece. Let me know how your scallop day went! I would love to know your thoughts and ideas. Please like and comment below!

Happy National Baked Scallop Day!

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