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Your best friend is over for some BFF flix, chill, and sip. You decide on a classic movie that makes you want to rip your balling eyes out. I mean you haven’t had a good cry over a film in a long time, and it’s time to check out a sappy movie that does precisely that. If you want that perfect reel to connect with your bestie, then you must check out, if you haven’t already, Beaches, the 1989 film starring the unquestionably talented Bette Middler and co-starring the beautiful Barbara Hershey. This film is a brilliant tale of two best friends. How they meet, how they stay in contact, and what they’re like at a mature 30 something.

A classic storyline of a child entertainer meets an inquisitive, classy girl, who both understand the value of genuine connection without barriers. It begins with a young 11-year-old CC, who is played by Mayim Bialik, also known as Big bang theory’s Amy; meets 11-year old Hilary Whitney, played by Marcie Leeds, who meet on the Atlantic City beach boardwalk. They immediately hit it off and spend the first-day encountering obstacles they each have to face. CC Bloom, is an aspiring actress and singer, and an only child who comes from a struggling, single mom home in New Jersey. Hilary Whitney, daughter of a prestigious attorney in San Fransisco, came from a wealthy, upper-class family. How they maintain a friendship for many years regardless of their financial background is the charm of this film.

If youre in the mood to watch a warm, heart felt film, ignite a bonding moment, with an 80’s vibe; Beaches is  a wonderful choice. It’s not a musical but has many moments of CC Bloom’s music career which is a delightful precedence of the film. I’d make sure the house is quiet, and there is no distraction during the movie because you’d want to catch every moment as the movie can go back in time for reference. Beaches extraordinarily captures your heart, especially if you adore your friends and appreciate the true meaning of friendship.

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