Sunday Service for Millennials

While many of us spent Easter Sunday celebrating the good almighty lord at the house of worship, a handful of us decided to go rogue and praise him right at home streaming Kanye’s Sunday service which was headlining at the Coachella festival early Easter Sunday. This year my family chose not to run out the house at 10 am in our Godly like outfits; instead, I put a pot of joe on the stove and logged on to Coachella live on youtube. The set is on a grassy knoll, sectioned off away from the other stages. That didn’t stop the thousands of people from coming over to spectate the most anticipated piece Yeezy has been putting together for his fans.

Sunday service began with the choir walking over to the top of the hill in mauve colored, monk-like outfits, all similar in a style which gave a sense of unity through diversity; singing gospel tunes, with much grace and in beautiful harmony. As I blasted the volume on my Bose system, the energy was instantly filtered into my living room and somehow brightened up the place. After giving us transcendent, classic gospel melodies, Kanye kicked up the beat and brought out amazing talents like Teyana Taylor who performed the beautiful tune “Never would have made it,” as Chance, the rapper danced freely to the pure modern-day sounds of gospel. DMX who also appeared gave a moving performance. Kanye performed a few songs, including his new song, “Water,” and hitting them nostalgic tunes like, “All falls down,” While having his family, the KarJenners’ and kids nearby enjoying the early praise.

Yeezy has made himself a trailblazer of faith and good spirits. He featured well-known gospel songs and remixed them with nostalgic 90’s house hits for all millennials to enjoy. Ye’ inspired a new form of praise; going to your home of faith doesn’t have to be as dull as we may imagine. Those of all different beliefs can enjoy the show; It’s not about religion, but about spreading hope, wellness, and as Yeezy always preaches, leading with love. He without a doubt came through with that energy. Unfortunately, if you didn’t catch this live, you missed it and can catch small clips on youtube. Hopefully, Kanye will surprise us with a documentary special.

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