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A beginning tip on fitness motivation

Nothing taste as good as Healthy feels!

I’ve been pretty rebellious with my salud lately. Let’s say more like for the past two years; I binged on yummy a** food like no one’s business. I was indulging in the best pizza in NYC, gourmet hot dogs from Crif dogs, ufff to die for, I could not be more serious about these dogs haha. Gourmet Jamaican ice cream con’ a touch of Henny, yea you read right! Hennessy in handmade ice cream in Mount Vernon! I mean I can legit right a list and recommend the best places to curve that piggy craving. But I’m a changed woman now. You see, I don’t fool around with them thangs’ anymore. Well, not for a while at least. I gained 30 whole libras binging on “por queria” en ingles please, lol, “ CRAP.” I had to find a way to get motivated to be healthy again. So I figured out a little secret that helped me back to the wellness journey. I finally found my strength and made my way to the gym, LA fitness, Te amo. Firstly, this place is like a fitness palace, if you haven’t been, then you absolutely must. They provide Great customer service, so many machines to chose from, basketball gym, jacuzzi, a smoothie bar preventing you from making poor choices upon leaving the gum, hungry, and lastly, most importantly, very clean. The locker room is not merely a locker room pero a place where you can relax without feeling gross. I’ve been a member for about 18 months now, yet barely went, but let me tell you, I got the strength to get my sexy back!

The next phase of this kick starter is to get moving, and this is the hard part. It’s challenging to light that fuego in you and get up, forever feeling as heavy as a ton of bricks; and the thought about moving around like Lebron James already made you tired, and you haven’t even packed your gym bag. However, don’t let that discourage you! Detoxing my cravings decreased my bloating and got rid of that heavy feeling that hindered me from getting up and movin’. I dragged my booty into a spin class to get that boost of life I was missing. It was, without doubt, torturous the first 20 mins, but I fought the urge to give up and said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Repeated that mantra until I began feeling the rush and excitement. It was around minute 30 that I began getting pumped! It felt incredible. Shout out to my amigas for that mantra!

To sum this all up, for any of you struggling with how to begin your wellness journey I highly suggest beginning by detoxing your cravings first. Once you’ve reached the point where you feel your bloating has downsized, or you begin to feel “lighter,” move on to your next step and take 1 fun class at your local gym or recreation center. I would suggest choosing something fun like; spin, Zumba, kickboxing, swimming, dance classes, and my fave hiking if the weather permits.

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Here’s a healthy bathing tip!

Ditch the bath towel and use the blow dryer

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Sounds crazy right?! If there’s anything most of us have in common is drying off with a towel, after a shower. It was a request made by one of my Patients after a refreshing shower, I began pat drying, the patient asked if I can blow dry her body instead. I stared at her, confused, wondering, should I laugh, is this a joke. The wheels quickly began to turn. Then with a bit of research, it was concluded she was right! Blow drying your body can prevent a multitude of bacteria growth and it also saves us a few bucks.

Bacteria are found all over our body. Some of it is good, but it’s the icky bacteria that can create skin infections. Bacteria grows in dark, moist places; you know like mold. But, Did you know your towel can harbor dangerous bacteria and host the biggest microbial party? After a bath, Normally you’d hang up your towel to dry in a dark bathroom. As a result, making it the perfect place for bacteria to make love and have lots of bacterial babies, or in other words, reproduce. Consequently, reusing that towel can put you at risk for different infections.

For instance, MRSA is an infection that is caused by a bacterial strain called staph which is found on skin and surfaces including towels. When raised in the right environment it can grow into a scary bacterium That irritates the skin and create painful blisters or even cellulitis. Hence turning into MRSA. Yikes!

Ever put your clothes on while you’re body creases are damp? If so, you’re putting yourself at risk for yeast build up like jock itch, yeast infections, athletes foot, or skin irritations that develop into a severe infection. Admittedly, I didn’t believe that my skin couldn’t get thoroughly dry with a towel. It’s like one of those practices that you don’t even notice you’re doing. So I put it to the test and went an entire week blow drying my body and ditched the towel. I have to admit I paid attention to the difference and there was a significant distinction.

Overall, Towel drying doesn’t mean your body gets thoroughly dried. However, I would say you don’t have to ditch your towel entirely but rather use with caution. I would suggest pat drying with a towel and then blow dry your body, on COOL, to get that remaining moisture out. Don’t forget to pick a new spot to hang up your recently used towel. I’d even go a little further and apply some A&D ointment in my groin area for an extra added layer of skin protection.

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